Production and Office space designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


Hampton Station incorporates the best of Greenville’s Textile Crescent history and her progressive new energy.  Located 1.3 miles from downtown Greenville in the historic Water Tower District, Hampton Station attracts Greenville’s most creative entrepreneurs, vibrant artists, visionary businesses, and savvy customers.  A cotton warehouse built in 1919, the historic buildings of Hampton Station are springing to life once again as the center of a connected community.    

Users and Uses:

Makers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Musicians, Office tenants, Warehouse, Music venue, maker, with spaces ranging from 180 to 14,000 square feet.  

Amenities include:

Swamp Rabbit Trail access, Birds Fly South Ale Project (brewery), biergarten, Lions Roar Crossfit, restaurant, coffee shop, large and multiple common areas, and much more.




Destination: The Water Tower District.


In The Water Tower District on the edge of Downtown Greenville, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we chose this convenient location area for our project.  Within a 1/3 of a mile of Hampton Station, you will find the Swamp Rabbit Grocery and Cafe, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and The Lofts of Greenville among many other.